The Demon Siege

Twenty years ago, Morgrin, the Usurper King of Anmarch cast out his nephew Kallen, the rightful king, and lead a demon army on the gates of Ismia. Kallen rallied to the defense of Ismia, fighting alongside 5 other champions to repel the siege. At the head of Ismia’s army, the six champions were successful in their defense of the city, breaking the siege and driving the Usurper King back to cower behind the walls of Anmarch. Unfortunately, Kallen received a grievous wound in the final push and succumbed to the injury after the day was won. He left behind a pregnant wife and and two very big shoes to fill for his unborn child.

The Dragon’s Deal

Diplomacy was key to Ismia’s strategy during the Demon Siege. One alliance that proved pivotal in the battle was a controversial deal with an ancient dragon from the Daggerspine mountains. In exchange for riches and ¬†tithes of livestock, the dragon agreed to lend its strength to Ismia. Once the deal was struck, the dragon descended from the mountains like an avalanche of fire and claws, crashing upon the army of Anmarch in a devastating attack.

The dragon’s efforts tipped the balance in Ismia’s favor and lead to eventual victory for the great city, but in the years of relative peace that followed, the regular tithes of sheep and cattle to sate the dragons unending hunger grew tiresome to Ismia’s farmers. Eventually, as the horrors of the Demon Siege faded with time, the tithes were sent less and less until they eventually stopped. How long it will be before the dragon emerges and demands payment once again, nobody knows.