WizardCircleThe wizards of Ismia have spent countless years studying the mystical secrets of the world, learning how to coax the arcane energy from magical crystals and mold it to their will. Having little time outside their studies to learn the application of arms and armor, wizards eschew such material items in favor of powerful, often unpredictable, spells.


The volatile Wizard eschews arms and armor for devastating spells in combat but their lack of equipment means if a spell goes wrong there isn’t much between them and the enemies blade.


WizPowersPhysically frail, Wizards rely on magic crystals rather than stamina to cast their Arcane Blasts, Polymorphs and Mana Lances.


Wizards gain a bonus to gathering magic and stone. Their physical limitations prevent them from carrying as many resources as the other classes, but the ability to store magic crystals in their mana pool ensures they will have magical power when they need it.