FighterCircleSellswords, soldiers and scoundrels, the way of the warrior attracts all manner of folk. Fighters can be disciplined defenders, deftly wielding sword and shield to protect their allies or brutal gladiators with a battle axe in each hand cutting a swath of destruction through anything that stands in their way. What unifies all fighters is their mastery of, and reliance on, their equipment.


Hearty and reliable, the well-trained Fighter specializes in one of two styles. At the onset of your adventures, choose to focus on defensive combat with sword and shield, or become a dual-wielding fighting machine.



Fighter Powers

Stamina fuels the Fighter’s powers, allowing them to Shield Bash, Dual Strike and Charge their way through combats.


Fighters gain a bonus to gathering wood and stone. Their strength and discipline allow them to carry more resources than any other class.