Production Update

Posted on Sep 9, 2013 in News

Because of the iterative nature of game design, Heroes of Ismia has been in some form of play testing for over 3 years. Obviously the play tests we are doing now look and feel very different from the course testing conducted with the initial prototypes. Back then we were concerned with identifying broad problems with the mechanics, cutting out features that bogged down game play and making sure each class was balanced  while maintaining a unique play experience.

The tests we are performing now are much more granular. Testing, tweaking a few numbers and testing again. This focus testing has seen the game take on a new polish over the last few months and we are really happy with how it is progressing. I know some of you are anxious to play the game for yourselves. Rest assured Click Play Die Games is committed to releasing only the best games we can, and this period of focus testing is essential for us to maintain that standard. In the meantime, enjoy these picture of some of our recent play tests.

Play test 1

Kevin Rose Play Test

We are also continually hard at work improving the overall design of the game pieces. The design work that goes into the actual game pieces is just as important as the core mechanics. We need to make sure  the cards, hero sheets and game board not only look great, but are intuitive and easy to read. By improving the usability of the game pieces, we have made the game easier to learn for the first time while shaving a significant amount of time off the total play time, all major goals as we push for fast, fun and smooth game play!

Keep checking back for important updates to the game and to learn how you can get a discounted copy when the KickStarter goes live!