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The Kickstarter Campaign is LIVE! Head over to our Kickstarter page to learn more about Heroes of Ismia and back the project to help see this game made! We had an eventful launch day with loads of support from the gaming community and a fun public play test at Gamescape San Francisco.

Thank you to everyone who had supported Heroes of Ismia and helped get the project to where it is today.

What comes in the box of Heroes of Ismia

What comes in the box of Heroes of Ismia

The city of Ismia is in peril once again. Twenty years have passed since the great Demon Siege nearly brought the city to its knees. Now new dangers have emerged that threaten to destroy Ismia once and for all! A dragon has awoken in the Daggerspine Mountains, and is sating her terrible hunger on the villages of the north. A necromancer has risen a dark tower in Nara, to the east, and a scourge of the walking dead now plague the countryside. And amidst all this, rumors swirl that the Usurper King is once again rallying the forces of Anmarch to destroy the city of Ismia once and for all!

Many would-be saviors have answered the call to action. Powerful warriors, clever wizards, pious priests and cunning rogues rally to the defense of the city they call home.

IsmiaLogoHeroes of Ismia is an adventure game in which the players become Heroes in a fantastical world of magic and monsters. Each Hero is tasked with an Epic Quest, which they must complete to achieve their destiny and win the game.

The Wraithmire Marsh has always been a place of fear and nightmares, haunted by spectres, wraiths and terrible beasts. None dare venture into its depths but the bravest adventurers and even fewer return from the twisted, fettid bog. Those who have tell tales of a many-headed serpent, impossible to slay, for as one head is severed two spring forth in its place. For years such tales had been taken as fanciful stories from washed-up heroes. Then the beast emerged from the swamp and destroyed an entire village. Now the peasants plead for a hero to rid the countryside of the menace.

-The Beast of Wraithmire Epic Quest


On your journey to complete your Epic Quest, your Hero will explore the city of Ismia and its surroundings, battling terrible monsters and discovering powerful artifacts. Heroes collect resources and complete quests to gain levels. Only when your Hero has amassed enough power and found your legendary Artifact may you attempt to complete your Epic Quest and win the game.


Heroes of Ismia was designed by Reed A Raymond and will be published by ClickPlayDie Games.

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